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We thought life can be funnier if we have a baby after married.

Therefore the innocent and brave Mom has some exciting news! We’re expecting a coming baby!  However, it was not easy during pregnancy period. I used my own way to overcome so much uncomfortable symptoms.

Time really does fly! We had great time in postpartum care center with Megan in the first month. But the disaster came up after we went home and looked after her due to the fact that baby cry for help any time without reason .I was at a loss and cry and my life was full of frustration and confusion. 

Day after day, we got along well with Megan. Every little step she made is our huge happiness. She has grown into a little adventurer from being a dependent baby to an independent child. I am so contented to participate in every developmental milestone of her growth. 

As the role of parent, I understand how important to choose the best products with premium and high standard safety for Baby. We consulted experienced parents and did search via website and books to figure out every details of product. We do believe that only experienced parents are able to realize what the best for children. 

Moek International Co., Ltd. will get your confidence for the proper assistance products to help baby‘s need and share our select for all parents.